GoPro Karma Drone Review

GoPro Karma Drone Review


Get Some Smooth Footage With The GoPro Karma Drone!

If you want to buy a light-weight and amazingly featured drone then the GoPro Karma Drone will be the right choice! I got a chance to fly the drone for a couple of hours and I simply fell in love with it.

Here are some of the wonderful features that make it one of the best quadcopters:

  • Karma stabilizer: This feature provides ultra smooth aerial footage. You can capture amazing, shake-free pictures from the air that look clear as well as professional.
  • Replaceable arms: These arms will let you fly your drone for longer duration.
  • Ultra portable design: It is lightweight, compact, and can fold easily. The compact case can help you to travel with it comfortably.
  • Safe and easy to fly: All you need to do is unfold from the case, attach its propellers and fly! Landing is super-simple as you just need to click the land button and the drone will automatically return.
  • High-efficiency Propellers: In comparison to other propellers, the Karma propellers generate more lift. This makes the flight less noisy than the regular propellers.
  • Replaceable landing gear: The damaged landing gear can be changed easily in a few minutes. These DIY gears are available with optional GoPro Care at no additional costs.
  • Provides linear view: You can adjust your GoPro to capture photos and videos with a straight and natural horizon.
  • Removable battery: The drone comes with a 5100mAh 14.8V battery that provides up to 20 minutes of flight. So, with just an hour of charging, you can fly your drone for 20 minutes. If you intent to fly it for longer; simply carry some extra batteries and swap them out quickly.

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Karma Grip: It helps you to capture an ultra smooth video that can be handheld or mounted. Read on to know its features:

  • Built-in camera controls: You can change modes, switch power, start or stop recording and do much more with the inbuilt controls.
  • Karma Grip: You can now run, hike, jump, and do much more with the device.
  • Karma Stabilizer: To capture handheld, body-and-gear mounted shots, all you need to do is remove the stabilizer from the drone and attach it to the grip.
  • Body and Gear Mountable: Use your drone with your favourite gear that is the Karma Case and Seeker sport pack.

go pro karma controller

Listed below are the amazing features of the Karma Controller:

  • Touch Display: It is especially designed for improving the visibility outdoors.
  • Beautiful Controls: A single button takeoff and landing makes it easy for the novice to use the drone. Experienced pilots can focus on getting the perfect shot as flying the drones is extremely easy.
  • Gaming Style Controls: Even if you are flying the drone for the first time, you are sure to enjoy the experience! The controls are simple and familiar to online gamers.
  • Auto Shot Paths: This feature provides precise and accurate controls, which can be difficult even for the best pilot with manual controls. To use this feature, you need to select the shot, follow the on-screen instructions and let the drone fly.
  • Pre-flight Training: This feature is extremely important for novices or first time fliers as the built-in tutorial provides detailed training. You can learn how to set up the drone, control camera, work the sticks, and fly safely.

The Karma Case comes with an ultra compact design, on-the-go storage, and inbuilt shoulder mount for making your flying experience an enjoyable one. So, if you want to capture stunning footage then buy the GoPro Karma Drone now!

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